In Schools
The series of hands-on Robotic training session in school, allow children to be creative and apply their innovative skills in Science and Technology.
We offer following courses to primary schools :
We offer following courses to High schools :
In Colleges
RoboLeap strive to provide innovative learning solutions by engaging students on self initiated hands-on sessions, to enhance their employability, by bridging the skills gap
We offer following workshops in Colleges :
Corporate Team Building
Teams with shared goals are an asset to any organization. Team building activities are a great way to bring harmony and create excellent team spirit.

Our fun-filled events that include building LEGO Mindstorm Robots with Programming, LEGO MOSAIC Building, with set of objectives. Robots will compete with each other based on the event challenge.

Our team guarantee a successful outcome and fun experience for everyone.
Birthday Parties
This fun-filled event from RoboLeap consist of building LEGO Robots and play Robotic games. These enjoyable events will stimulate imagination and creativity by encouraging kids to explore, experience and express themselves through our hands-on interactive session.

We offer following LEGO packages, to fit your party needs and expectations depending on the number of children and duration.
Kidz Night Out
Enjoy the fun-filled LEGO Robot building, themed LEGO building activities. This well-deserved 3 hours break, guided by our trained staff will enhance team Work and builds friendship. Snacks will be provided during the event.
Minimum registration : 4
Holiday Camps
Robotic camp teach kids some of the essentials of science and technology and allow them to build Robots and learn fundamentals, which they can apply later on in their career.
Our focus is to promote interest in learning technolgy and mathematics in young minds, through coding and Robotics session.
We aim to foster student’s “confidence and can do “ attitude and help 53 them work as a team. We aim to equip students for the challenges of tomorrow, by grooming them to think to the best of their abilities.
  • We conduct crash courses/workshops at your location, with minimum of 5 participants
  • We also conduct customized courses at RoboLeap, on future technologies and trends, with minimum of 5 participants
  • Our workshops will help students to build their confidence in various subjects and unleash their true potential, to bridge their skills gap.
Yearly RoboLeap tournament will be conducted open to all. These tournaments will help to develop participant’s creativity, design and problem solving skills, through challenging and educational Robot building activities, coding and other events. The competition will vary based on age groups.

Participants are encouraged to be creative in their approach and be strategic to stand-out in this fun-filled competition.
  • Upcoming LEGO competition on 15th Aug 2019, in Jayanagar